2018 Energy Workshop: Economic and environmental impacts of scaling up low-carbon energy

June 04, 2018,
9:00am - 4:00pm

Low-carbon energy sources require a very large deployment scale in order to contribute significantly to future global energy needs. The potential barriers for—and impacts of—deployment can be considerable.

Researchers at the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change have substantial experience identifying challenges, hazards and potential barriers to low-carbon options deployed at continental to global scales, and can provide expert guidance on economically viable solutions. 

This lecture-free workshop welcomes participants to engage with Joint Program energy-at-scale experts in an interactive dialogue highlighting key challenges and opportunities in large-scale, low-carbon energy technology deployment. As part of this conversation, we will explore potential areas for collaboration between our researchers and invited guests.


Topics: (See Full Agenda)

  • Energy-at-Scale Project Overview
  • Low-Carbon Options in Power Generation and Industry
  • Reducing Emissions in Transportation
  • Environmental Impacts of Scaling Up Energy
  • Impacts of Policies to Reduce Emissions
  • The Future of Oil, Coal and Natural Gas
  • Recognizing Challenges, Setting Priorities, Supporting Research and Investment Opportunities


MIT Joint Program Participants:

Sergey Paltsev, Adam Schlosser, Henry Jacoby, Jennifer Morris, Mei Yuan, Henry Chen, Xiang Gao, Rich Swanson, Karen Tapia-Ahumada, Abbas Ghandi, Paul Kishimoto, Jessica Farrell, Christoph Tries, Emil Dimantchev, Kirby Ledvina, Anne Slinn, Horacio Caperan


Attendance at the Energy-at-Scale Workshop is by invitation only.


For more information, please contact Dimonika Bray:

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