Xu, Liyi

Liyi Xu
Former Postdoctoral Associate, Joint Program


Dr. Xu was a postdoctoral associate from 2012 to 2017. Her research was focused on ecosystem-climate interactions and identifying important feedbacks and teleconnections in the Earth-climate system. She worked on model development and numerical experimentation to investigate how the changing natural and managed environments will alter the local ecoy-hyro-climate. Her work with Dr. Schlosser involved incorporation of the WRF-ACASA model into MIT's Integrated system Model (IGSM) framework that employs the Community Atmospheric Model, and analysis of supporting field-scale and networked observations as well as supporting climate-reanalysis data for evaluation of the linked IGSM-CAM-WRF-ACASA model system.

Education + Credentials
B.S., Environmental and Resource Sciences, University of California, Davis, 2004
Ph.D., Atmospheric Science, University of California, Davis, 2012

Recent Publications

Joint Program Report
Xu, L., E. Monier, A. Schlosser, R. Kirchain and J. Gregory (2017). Joint Program Report Series Report 319, September, 9 p. [PDF]
Joint Program Reprint, Journal Article
Xu, L., R.D. Pyles, K.T. P. U, R. Snyder, E. Monier, M. Falk and S.-H. Chen (2017). Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 247(December 2017): 79-92 (doi: 10.1016/j.agrformet.2017.07.003) [PDF]
Joint Program Reprint, Journal Article
Monier, E., L. Xu and R. Snyder (2016). Environmental Research Letters, Volume 11, Number 5 [PDF]
Joint Program Report
Monier, E., L. Xu and R. Snyder (2016). Joint Program Report Series Report 293, 20 p. [PDF]
Joint Program Report
Chang, K.-Y., K.T. Paw U and L. Xu (2016). Joint Program Report Series Report 306, November, 11 p. [PDF]

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