Vormedal, Irja

Irja Vormedal
Chief Scientist, Atmospheric Sciences and Global Change Division, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Former Postdoctoral Associate, Center for Global Change Science
Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI
Former Administrative Assistant
Former Joint Program Research Assistant
EAPS Alumna
Former Visiting Research Scholar from J-Power (2007-2008)
Technology and Policy Program alumnae
former Joint Program Visiting Research Scholar
former Fullbright Scholar hosted by the MIT Department of Political Science
Communications Manager, MIT Energy Initiative
Former Communications Officer, Joint Program
Visiting Professor
Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University, Department of Urban Planning and Design
Former Research Assistant, Joint Program
Former Postdoctoral Associate, Joint Program
Former Postdoctoral Associate, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research
Assistant Pr


Research Interests:
Dr. Jeong was a postdoctoral associate from 2007-2010 working with Dr. Chien Wang on the climate effects of anthropogenic aerosols on cloud formation, precipitation, and hydrological cycle.