Palmintier, Bryan

Bryan Palmintier
former Research Assistant, Joint Program
Doctoral degree candidate, Engineering Systems Division




Prof. Mort Webster

Research Topic:
Bryan is using uncertainty aware tools for the design and operation of electric power grid systems with large amounts of variable renewables (e.g. wind and solar). His work explores the potential of distributed, demand side resources (demand response; distributed storage, including electric vehicles; micro generation; etc) and flexible transmission and distribution architectures to balance the uncertain dynamics and to provide grid services.

Education + Credentials
M.S., Aeronautics & Astronautics, Stanford University, 2000
Engineer's Degree, Design Division, Stanford University, 2004 Ph.D., Engineering Systems Division, MIT, 2012
Doctoral Thesis: Incorporating Operational Flexibility Into Electric Generation Planning: Impacts and Methods for System Design and Policy Analysis

Recent Publications

Journal Article
Webster, M., P. Donohoo and B. Palmintier (2013). Nature Climate Change, 3, 1029–1032
Student Dissertation or Thesis
Palmintier, B.S. (2012). Ph.D. Thesis, Engineering Systems Division, MIT [PDF]