Karkatsouli, Ioanna

Ioanna Karkatsouli
Senior Research Analyst, The Brattle Group
Former Research Assistant, Joint Program
Education + Credentials
B.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, 2010
M.S., Technology and Policy Program, MIT, 2013

Recent Publications

Joint Program Report
Paltsev, S., V. Karplus, Y.-H.H. Chen, I. Karkatsouli, J.M. Reilly and H.D. Jacoby (2013). Joint Program Report Series Report 251, 21 p. [PDF]
Student Dissertation or Thesis
Karkatsouli, I. (2013). Master of Science Thesis, Technology and Policy Program, MIT [PDF]
Joint Program Reprint, Journal Article
Knopf, B., Y.-H.H. Chen, E. De Cian, H. Forster, A. Kanudia, I. Karkatsouli, I. Keppo, T. Koljonen, K. Schumacher and D.P. van Vuuren (2013). Climate Change Economics, 4(Suppl. 1): 1340001 [PDF]