Hill, Christopher

Christopher Hill
Principal Research Engineer, EAPS




MIT 54-1524


Research Interests:
Development of software, computing infrastructure and numerical algorithms for simulation of atmospheric and oceanic flows.

Recent Publications

Journal Article
Brix, H., D. Menemenlis, C. Hill, S. Dutkiewicz, O. Jahn, D. Wang, K. Bowman and H. Zhang (2015). Ocean Modelling, 95(November 2015): 1–14
Journal Article
Manizza, M., M.J. Follows, S. Dutkiewicz, D. Menemenlis, C.N. Hill and R.M. Key (2013). Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 27(4): 1108-1118
Journal Article
Manizza, M., M. J. Follows, S. Dutkiewicz, D. Menemenlis, C.N. Hill, J. McClelland and B. Peterson (2009). Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 23, GB4006
Conference Proceedings Paper
Follows, M., S. Dutkiewicz, S. Grant, S. Chisholm, C. Hill (2007). NASA Ocean Color Research Workshop Proceedings, NASA Ocean Color Research Team Meeting (Seattle, WA, 11-13 April)
Journal Article
Bugnion, V., C. Hill and P.H. Stone (2006). Journal of Climate, 19: 3751-3767

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