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Addressing Energy Technologies and Policies that Shape Future Sustainability

Joint Program faculty model health benefits, economic costs of energy and climate policies 

Research by Noelle Selin and Valerie Karplus aims to inform strategies for better health outcomes. More...

News Release

This Texas Fight Shows Just How Conflicted We Still Are About ‘Clean Coal’

Joint Program Research Associate Howard Herzog on the future of carbon capture and sequestration

Carbon capture expert comments on CCS sources, role in climate stabilization, and policy. More...

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Target Coal or Carbon?

Analyzing coal and energy caps as carbon policy instruments for China

Study shows the value of China’s decision to focus on controlling carbon emissions through a cap-and-trade system. More...

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MIT Joins Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition

Led by World Bank and IMF, coalition seeks to price emissions to tackle climate change

Coalition members share best practices for carbon pricing, and could draw upon Joint Program and CEEPR expertise. More...

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Shell Looks for a Hedge Against Climate Change

The energy giant signals a change in its thinking

Informed by Joint Program climate projections, Royal Dutch Shell is creating a new unit for renewables and alternative energy. More...

Exploring the Impact of Global Environmental & Economic Change

Science and Policy Working Together

Understanding the complex, long-term changes in our land, air and water requires breakthroughs in measurement, modeling and prediction.

Responding to these changes requires innovative policies that comprehend agriculture, energy needs, trade and finance — along with the political and communications savvy to organize a genuinely global approach.

The Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change is MIT's response to these research, analysis, and public education challenges.

At the heart of much of the Program’s work lies MIT’s Integrated Global System Model (IGSM), a linked set of computer models designed to simulate the global environmental changes that arise as a result of human causes. In this way, it explores the interplay between the Earth systems and the human systems. More...

Examines the world's development path and the energy and climate implications.

This comprehensive tool analyzes interactions amoung humans and the climate system

A collaborative research project with China