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Joint Program IAP Courses Highlight Fundamentals of Climate Science and Policy

Now available online, sessions provide fast, accessible introduction to the field

New Joint Program webpage features Intro to Climate Science and Policy video series. More...

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Paving the Way for Policy

MIT-Tsinghua University Project, Publications Advance U.S.-China Climate Cooperation

CECP study shows China could achieve peak CO2 emissions by 2030 without undermining long-term economic growth. More...

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Increased Air Pollution and Drought Threatening Food Security in China

Auburn U., MIT researchers link lower crop yields to higher ozone levels

Study could impact climate and food security policy. More...

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MIT Symposium Calls for Science-Based Climate Action

Experts examine how MIT can be most effective in addressing climate-change issues

Speakers include several Joint Program faculty. More...

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Dispatches from the Paris Climate Talks

MIT attendees of COP21 share experiences, perspectives on outcomes

MITEI/Joint Program event gives MIT community a taste of the COP21 talks. More...

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The Future of Epic Blizzards in a Warming World

What does global warming mean for extreme snowfall?

EAPS climate researcher Paul O'Gorman shares his perspective in Climate Central article. More...


Exploring the Impact of Global Environmental & Economic Change

Science and Policy Working Together

Understanding the complex, long-term changes in our land, air and water requires breakthroughs in measurement, modeling and prediction.

Responding to these changes requires innovative policies that comprehend agriculture, energy needs, trade and finance — along with the political and communications savvy to organize a genuinely global approach.

The Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change is MIT's response to these research, analysis, and public education challenges.

At the heart of much of the Program’s work lies MIT’s Integrated Global System Model (IGSM), a linked set of computer models designed to simulate the global environmental changes that arise as a result of human causes. In this way, it explores the interplay between the Earth systems and the human systems. More...

Examines the world's development path and the energy and climate implications.

This comprehensive tool analyzes interactions amoung humans and the climate system

A collaborative research project with China