Peer-Reviewed Research

This includes peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and the Joint Program Reprint Series.

The Reprint Series helps provide wider access to published program results that have appeared in professional journals and peer-reviewed books. All Reprint issues can be accessed through ADVANCED SEARCH. Paper copies of some titles can be mailed upon request.

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Threat to future global food security from climate change and ozone air pollution

Tai, A.P.K., M. Val Martin and C.L. Heald
Nature Climate Change online first (doi: 10.1038/nclimate2317) (2014).
[abstract] [Full article available at publisher’s website]

The Potential Wind Power Resource in Australia: A New Perspective

Hallgren, W., U.B. Gunturu and A. Schlosser
PLoS ONE 9(7): e99608, doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099608 (2014).
Reprint 2014-14 [abstract] [PDF: 558 kB (posted with permission)]
(Supersedes Report 256)

Water consumption footprint and land requirements of large-scale alternative diesel and jet fuel production

Staples, M., H. Olcay, R. Malina, P. Trivedi, M. Pearlson, K. Strzepek, S. Paltsev, C. Wollersheim and S. Barrett
Environmental Science & Technology 47(21): 12557–12565 (2014).
Reprint 2014-13 [abstract] [PDF: 2316 kB (posted with permission)]

How important is diversity for capturing environmental-change responses in ecosystem models?

Prowe, A. E. F., Pahlow, M., Dutkiewicz, S., and Oschlies, A.
Biogeosciences 11: 3397-3407, doi:10.5194/bg-11-3397-2014 (2014).
Reprint 2014-12 [abstract] [PDF: 1479 kB (posted with permission)]

Global change and mercury cycling: Challenges for implementing a global mercury treaty

Noelle E. Selin
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 33: 1202–1210 (2014).
[abstract] [Full article available at publisher’s website]
(Three Questions with Noelle Selin)

Markets versus Regulation: The Efficiency and Distributional Impacts of U.S. Climate Policy Proposals

Rausch, S. and V.J. Karplus
Energy Journal 35(SI1): 199-227 (2014).
Reprint 2014-11 [abstract] [PDF: 717 kB (posted with permission)]
(Supersedes Report 263)
(MIT News Story)

A framework for modeling uncertainty in regional climate change

Monier, E., X. Gao, J.R. Scott, A.P. Sokolov and C.A. Schlosser
Climatic Change online first (doi:10.1007/s10584-014-1112-5) (2014).
Reprint 2014-10 [abstract] [PDF: 9685 kB (posted with permission)]
(Supersedes Report 244)

Why do global long-term scenarios for agriculture differ? An overview of the AgMIP Global Economic Model Intercomparison

M. von Lampe, D. Willenbockel, H. Ahammad, E. Blanc, Y. Cai, K. Calvin, S. Fujimori, T. Hasegawa, P. Havlik, E. Heyhoe, P. Kyle, H. Lotze-Campen, D.M. d'Croz, G.C. Nelson, R.D. Sands, C. Schmitz, A. Tabeau, H. Valin, D. van der Mensbrugghe and H. van Meijl
Agricultural Economics 45(1): 3–20 (2014).
[abstract] [Full article available at publisher’s website]

The future of food demand: understanding differences in global economic models

H. Valin, R.D. Sands, D. van der Mensbrugghe, G.C. Nelson, H. Ahammad, E. Blanc, B. Bodirsky, S. Fujimori, T. Hasegawa, P. Havlik, E. Heyhoe, P. Kyle, D.M. D’Croz, S. Paltsev, S. Rolinski, A. Tabeau, H. van Meijl, M. von Lampe and D. Willenbockel
Agricultural Economics 45(1): 51–67 (2014).
[abstract] [Full article available at publisher’s website]

Land-use change trajectories up to 2050: insights from a global agro-economic model comparison

Schmitz, C., H. van Meijl, P. Kyle, G.C. Nelson, S. Fujimori, A. Gurgel, P. Havlik, E. Heyhoe, D.M. d'Croz, A. Popp, R. Sands, A. Tabeau, D. van der Mensbrugghe, M. von Lampe, M. Wise, E. Blanc, T. Hasegawa, A. Kavallari and H. Valin
Agricultural Economics 45(1): 69–84 (2014).
[abstract] [Full article available at publisher’s website]