Peer-Reviewed Research

This includes peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and the Joint Program Reprint Series.

The Reprint Series helps provide wider access to published program results that have appeared in professional journals and peer-reviewed books. All Reprint issues can be accessed through Advanced Search. Paper copies of some titles can be mailed upon request.

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Uncertainty in future agro-climate projections in the United States and benefits of greenhouse gas mitigation

Monier, E., L. Xu and R. Snyder
Environmental Research Letters (2016).
Reprint 2016-12 [abstract] [PDF: 3158 kB (posted with permission)]
(Supersedes Report 293)

Climate Policy Scenarios in Brazil: A Multi-Model Comparison for Energy

Lucena, A.F.P., L. Clarke, R. Schaeffer, A. Szklo, P.R.R. Rochedo, L.P.P. Nogueira, K. Daenzer, A. Gurgel, A. Kitous and T. Kober
Energy Economics (2016).
[abstract] [Full article available at publisher’s website]

Agriculture, forestry, and other land-use emissions in Latin America

Calvin, K.V., R. Beach, A. Gurgel, M. Labriet and A.M.L. Rodriguez
Energy Economics 56(May 2016): 615–624 (doi:10.1016/j.eneco.2015.03.020) (2016).
[abstract] [Full article available at publisher’s website]

Impact of Aviation on Climate: FAA's Aviation Climate Change Research Initiative (ACCRI) Phase II.

Brasseur, G., M. Gupta, B. Anderson, S. Balasubramanian, S. Barrett, D. Duda, G. Fleming, P. Forster, J. Fuglestvedt, A. Gettelman, R. Halthore, S. Jacob, M. Jacobson, A. Khodayari, K. Liou, M. Lund, R. Miake-Lye, P. Minnis, S. Olsen, J. Penner, R. Prinn, U. Schumann, H. Selkirk, A. Sokolov, N. Unger, P. Wolfe, H. Wong, D. Wuebbles, B. Yi, P. Yang and C. Zhou
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 97(4): 561-583 (2016).
Reprint 2016-11 [abstract] [PDF: 3977 kB (posted with permission)]

Energy caps: Alternative climate policy instruments for China?

Karplus, V.J., S. Rausch and D. Zhang
Energy Economics 56(2016): 422–431 (2016).
Reprint 2016-10 [abstract] [PDF: 1030 kB (posted with permission)]

Cross-country electricity trade, renewable energy and European transmission infrastructure policy

Abrell, J. and S. Rausch
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 79(Sept 2016): 87–113 (2016).
Reprint 2016-9 [abstract] [PDF: 3569 kB (posted with permission)]

Atmospheric histories and global emissions of halons H-1211 (CBrClF2), H-1301 (CBrF3), and H-2402 (CBrF2CBrF2)

Vollmer, M.K., J. Mühle, C.M. Trudinger, M. Rigby, S.A. Montzka, C.M. Harth, B.R. Miller, S. Henne, P.B. Krummel, B.D. Hall, D. Young, J. Kim, J. Arduini, A. Wenger, B. Yao, S. Reimann, S. O’Doherty, M. Maione, D.M. Etheridge, S. Li, D.P. Verdonik, S. Park, G. Dutton, L.P. Steele, C.R. Lunder, T. Siek Rhee, O. Hermansen, N. Schmidbauer, R.H.J. Wang, M. Hill, P.K. Salameh, R.L. Langenfelds, L. Zhou, T. Blunier, J. Schwander, J.W. Elkins, J.H. Butler, P.G. Simmonds, R.F. Weiss, R.G. Prinn and P.J. Fraser
J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. 121, 3663–3686, doi:10.1002/2015JD024488 (2016).
[abstract] [Full article available at publisher’s website]

Constraints from observations and modeling on atmosphere–surface exchange of mercury in eastern North America

Song, S., N.E. Selin, L.E. Gratz, J.L. Ambrose, D.A. Jaffe, V. Shah, L. Jaeglé, A. Giang, B. Yuan, L. Kaser, E.C. Apel, R.S. Hornbrook, N.J. Blake, A.J. Weinheimer, R.L. Mauldin III, C.A. Cantrell, M.S. Castro, G. Conley, T.M. Holsen, W.T. Luke and R. Talbot
Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene 4: 000100 (doi: 10.12952/journal.elementa.000100) (2016).
[abstract] [Full article available at publisher’s website]

Baseline projections for Latin America: base-year assumptions, key drivers and greenhouse emissions

Van Ruijven, B., K. Daenzer, K. Fihser-Vanden, T. Kober, S. Paltsev, R. Beach, S. Calderon, K. Calvin, M. Labriet, A. Kitous, A. Lucena and D. van Vuuren
Energy Economics 56, 498-511 (2016).
[abstract] [Full article available at publisher’s website]

Transient Climate Impacts for Scenarios of Aerosol Emissions from Asia: A Story of Coal versus Gas

Grandey, B.S., H. Cheng and C. Wang
Journal of Climate 29, 2849–2867 (doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-15-0555.1) (2016).
Reprint 2016-8 [abstract] [PDF: 3710 kB (posted with permission)]