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IN THE NEWS: New Climate Studies: Worse Risks at 2°C Rise, Higher Rise Likely
April 29, 2016 - Eos: Earth and Space Science News

Although the Paris agreement scheduled to be signed 22 April aims for a 2°C warming cap, new findings show that even a 1.5°C rise will hit glaciers hard.... Read more

AROUND CAMPUS: There’s Something in the Air
April 28, 2016 - MIT News

Colette Heald studies atmospheric gases and particles, and how they affect air quality and climate... Read more

NEWS RELEASE: Higher Coal Use in Asia Could Increase Water Stress
April 27, 2016 - MIT News

Aerosol emissions would slow warming but suppress rainfall... Read more

AROUND CAMPUS: MIT Outlines Progress on its Five-Year Climate Action Plan
April 27, 2016 - MIT News

Progress report underscores strong collaboration across campus to address climate change... Read more

NEWS RELEASE: How Much of a Difference Will the Paris Agreement Make?
April 21, 2016 - MIT News

MIT study projects end-of-century climate under different scenarios... Read more

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