The Program's Report Series is intended to communicate research results and to provide useful reviews and commentaries on various aspects of the climate issue. All Program Reports can be accessed through Advanced Search. Paper copies of most titles can be mailed upon request.

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Report 291.

Scenarios of Global Change: Integrated Assessment of Climate Impacts

Paltsev, S., A. Sokolov, H. Chen, X. Gao, A. Schlosser, E. Monier, C. Fant, J. Scott, Q. Ejaz, E. Couzo, R. Prinn and M. Haigh, Joint Program Report Series (February, 34 p.) (2016)
[abstract] [PDF: 9898 kB]

Report 290.

Modeling Uncertainty in Climate Change: A Multi-Model Comparison

Gillingham, K., W. Nordhaus, D. Anthoff, G. Blanford, V. Bosetti, P. Christensen, H. McJeon, J. Reilly and P. Sztorc, Joint Program Report Series (December) (47 p.) (2015)
[abstract] [PDF: 2775 kB]

Report 289.

The Impact of Climate Policy on Carbon Capture and Storage Deployment in China

Zhang, X., T. Qi and X. Zhang, Joint Program Report Series (December) (19 p.) (2015)
[abstract] [PDF: 1760 kB]

Report 288.

The Influence of Gas-to-Liquids and Natural Gas Production Technology Penetration on the Crude Oil-Natural Gas Price Relationship

Ramberg, D.J., Y.H.H. Chen, S. Paltsev and J.E. Parsons, Joint Program Report Series (December) (22 p.) (2015)
[abstract] [PDF: 973 kB]

Report 287.

Impact of Canopy Representations on Regional Modeling of Evapotranspiration using the WRF-ACASA Coupled Model

Xu, L., R.D. Pyles, K.T. Paw U, R. Snyder, E. Monier, M. Falk and S.-H. Chen, Joint Program Report Series (December) (24 p.) (2015)
[abstract] [PDF: 9828 kB]