The Program's Report Series is intended to communicate research results and to provide useful reviews and commentaries on various aspects of the climate issue. All Program Reports can be accessed through Advanced Search. Paper copies of most titles can be mailed upon request.

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Report 260.

Electricity Generation and Emissions Reduction Decisions under Policy Uncertainty: A General Equilibrium Analysis

Morris, J., M. Webster and J. Reilly, Joint Program Report Series (April) (28 p.) (2014)
[abstract] [PDF: 1185 kB]

Report 259.

A Self-Consistent Method to Assess Air Quality Co-Benefits from US Climate Policies

Saari, R., N.E. Selin, S. Rausch and T.M. Thompson, Joint Program Report Series (April) (25 p.) (2014)
[abstract] [PDF: 3232 kB]

Report 258.

Characterization of the Wind Power Resource in Europe and its Intermittency

Cosseron, A., C.A. Schlosser and U.B. Gunturu, Joint Program Report Series (March) (31 p.) (2014)
[abstract] [PDF: 2269 kB]
(Key Points)
(Issued as Reprint 2013-29)

Report 257.

Equity and Emissions Trading in China

Zhang, D., M. Springmann and V.J. Karplus, Joint Program Report Series (February) (38 p.) (2014)
[abstract] [PDF: 1911 kB]
(Three questions with Valerie Karplus)

Report 256.

The Potential Wind Power Resource in Australia: A New Perspective

Hallgren, W., U.B. Gunturu and C.A. Schlosser, Joint Program Report Series (February) (16 p.) (2014)
[abstract] [PDF: 1721 kB]