The Program's Report Series is intended to communicate research results and to provide useful reviews and commentaries on various aspects of the climate issue. All Program Reports can be accessed through Advanced Search. Paper copies of most titles can be mailed upon request.

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Report 304.

The Impact of Oil Prices on Bioenergy, Emissions and Land Use

Winchester, N. and K. Ledvina, Joint Program Report Series (October, 12 p.)
[abstract] [PDF: 883 kB]

Report 303.

Scaling Compliance with Coverage? Firm-level Performance in China’s Industrial Energy Conservation Program

Karplus, V.J., X. Shen and D. Zhang, Joint Program Report Series (October, 22 p.) (2016)
[abstract] [PDF: 951 kB]

Report 302.

21st Century Changes in U.S. Heavy Precipitation Frequency Based on Resolved Atmospheric Patterns

Gao, X., C.A. Schlosser, P. O'Gorman, E. Monier and D. Entekhabi, Joint Program Report Series (October, 24 p.) (2016)
[abstract] [PDF: 2040 kB]

Report 301.

Combining Price and Quantity Controls under Partitioned Environmental Regulation

Abrell, J. and S. Rausch, Joint Program Report Series (July, 29 p.) (2016)
[abstract] [PDF: 6357 kB]

Report 300.

The Impact of Water Scarcity on Food, Bioenergy and Deforestation

Winchester, N., K. Ledvina, K. Strzepek and J.M. Reilly, Joint Program Report Series (July, 20 p.) (2016)
[abstract] [PDF: 3973 kB]