An important function of the program is to improve education about climate issues and contribute to informed public debate about the problem, its uncertainties, and the implications of various policy measures. To this end, the program's research team is active in publishing the results of the work as it becomes available, in professional journals, on the internet, and the popular press.

Publication in peer-reviewed literature is a crucial component of the communication effort, both for presentation of results to relevant professional audiences and for establishing credibility of our other, less-technical communications.

Another important channel for distributing research results is the series of Program Reports and Technical Notes published on this website and distributed in hard copy without charge on request.

The program's publications are available in three categories:

  • Reports: the program's Report Series is intended to communicate research results, and provide useful reviews and commentaries on various aspects of the climate issue.
  • Peer-Reviewed Research: this includes peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and the program's Reprint Series, which helps provide wider access to published program results that have appeared in professional journals and peer-reviewed books.
  • Other Publications: these include the program's Technical Notes Series, as well as, conference proceedings, Congressional Testimony, student theses, a program brochure, and assorted other items.

Abstracts of most of these publications, and many of the full documents, are accessible through ADVANCED SEARCH. Essentially all documents that have been published by the program are provided in PDF format and can be viewed using Acrobat Reader.

Paper copies of most program documents can also be obtained by request, in limited quantities. Requested documents that are available will be mailed to any domestic or international postal address for no charge.

For most other publications emenating from the program's efforts — but issued by external publishers — citations and abstracts are included and available through Advanced Search. Whenever possible, links are also provided to the publisher's website where the full document may be accessible.