Monday, January 9, 2012

Viewing the Subsurface: The Basics of Seismic Acquisition, Processing, and Interpretation

9am-2pm, 46-1015

Speaker: Jonathan Kane Shell Oil Company, Detlef Hohl, Jim Pickens, Tom Holly

Seismic imaging is the principal method used to explore for hydrocarbons in the earth. It involves using sensors to record the response of the earth to an input source of energy, converting the raw data into an image of subsurface structures, and then interpreting the image to find oil-bearing deposits. We will cover the basics of seismic imaging over the course of 3 days, with 3 hours of instruction per day, along with in-class exercises. Lunch will be provided.

Following class on the third day we will present the "Shell IAP Challenge": an algorithm development contest for enrolled participants with a cash reward ($3000 to the winner, and $1000 to the runner up). The contest will run over the course of IAP, with the winner announced during the final week.

Enrollment limited to 30: advance sign up required. Participants are requested to attend all sessions.

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