Contesting Geoengineering Governance

April 2, 2013 5:00PM (Building 66, Room 100, 25 Ames Street, Cambridge)
Steve Rayner, James Martin Professor of Science & Civilization; Director, Institute for Science, Innovation & Society, Oxford University

Geoengineering: Science & Governance Seminar Series

Rayner will consider various alternative framings of geoengineering (broadly defined to include both solar radiation management and carbon dioxide removal techniques) and explore the "definitional politics" of including or excluding various kinds of technology under the "Geoengineering" heading, its relationship to mitigation and adaptation, and whether the category itself is helpful, robust, etc. His talk will also explore some of the emerging social science characterizations of geoengineering, particularly solar radiation management which may prematurely close down debate. The presentation will conclude with consideration of a range of alternative approaches to "next steps."

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