A distinguishing characteristic of the program is its team of specialists from different disciplines who work closely together in carrying out the integration of the science and policy of the global-change issue.

The group includes faculty, research scientists, postdoctoral fellows, students, and visiting scholars. Additional affiliated researchers at other organizations are involved through cooperative agreements.


The Program has also developed a network of scholars in other institutions who continue to work in close collaboration on current research objectives. Included are former students who have taken positions in other universities, former research staff members, and visitors who have returned to their home institutions.

The Program has hosted more than 30 postdoctoral and visiting scholars, mainly from Europe (Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain) and Japan, but also with some representation from New Zealand, Chile, Brazil, Korea, China, and India.

Administrative support is provided by a combination of personnel dedicated to the Program and portions of the effort of staff who also serve roles in the Program’s two parent centers, the CGCS and CEEPR.