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Telephone: (+1) 617-253-7492
Fax: (+1) 617-253-9845

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Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave, E19-411
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

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MIT Building E19, Room 411
50 Ames Street (or 400 Main Street)
Cambridge, Massachusetts


Contacts for Specific Topics

Media Requests

Mark Dwortzan,


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Becoming a Sponsor

Joshua Hodge,

Global Change Forum, Sponsor Relations

Frances Goldstein,

Fiscal Matters

Robens Joseph,


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Contacts for Specific Issues

Climate Modeling

Ron Prinn,

Andrei Sokolov,

Erwan Monier,

Climate Policy

John Reilly,

Henry Jacoby,

Climate Impacts

John Reilly,

Adam Schlosser,

Economic Analyses

John Reilly,

Sergey Paltsev,

Emissions Forecasts

Niven Winchester,

Sergey Paltsev,

John Reilly,

Atmospheric Chemistry

Ron Prinn,

Chien Wang,

Hydrology/Land-System/Water Resources

Adam Schlosser,

Ken Strzepek,


         Stephanie Dutkiewicz,

         Jeffery Scott,


         John Reilly,        

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